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7-12% annual return. 5% stakepool fee. 99% uptime. Zero fixed costs. Look for ticker YOLO

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Increase Income

Earn passive income every day. Simply delegate your Ada to our stake pool using Daedalus or Yoroi wallet.

Earn rewards

Earn ADA daily. Withdraw anytime. Spend freely.

About Us

We are YOLO

Located in warm, sunny, beautiful Miami, we are a Cardano staking pool focusing on permissionless, trustless, and cross-border staking. Distributed ledgers presents a once in lifetime opportunity to be truly financially free and with Cardano being at the vanguard, we believe staking gives everyone such equal access. Read more here...

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Get Wallet

Download the testnet wallet from here

Choose Pool

Open the Stake pool center of wallet & search for Ticker shown above.


Select pool and click Delegate to this pool.

Earn Rewards

Select Rewards from wallet to see DAILY earnings

Our Services

What We Do

YOLO provides a Staking service for Cardano.

Instant Income

Earn rewards daily simply by delegating to us. We keep 5% fee to buy bread.

Excellent Features

Low fee of only 5%. 24/7/365 operation. Liquid cooled. Load balanced. Auto-scaled. Secure.

Full Control

You remain in full control of your funds. Freely re-delegate or withdraw funds anytime.

Creative Solutions

We strive to promote decentralization by collaborating with other stake pools and getting others involved.

More Income

Earn 7-12% annual rewards as you help secure and network.

Withdrawal Options

Withdraw, transfer or re-delegate ADA at will.

Our Solutions

Node Stats

Highly performant, liquid cooled, auto-scaling, load-balanced and secure node.


32 GB Installed memory @ 2667 MHz (DDR4)


8 cores - Intel(R) i7-7700K @ 4.2GHz


Massive 1.5 Terabytes SSD V-NAND @ 500 MB/s


Blazing fast 100 GB/h bandwidth with 24/7/365 continuous uptime.


A Cardano staking pool focusing on permissionless, trustless, and cross-border staking.

Cardano Community

Our Location

Florida, US